Latex Lucy & Angelica Heart: Her Life as a Pet [Part 1]

In the future, people will be freer to be themselves–even if that means living like pets instead of humans. We bring this scenario to life with Latex Lucy in the role of the kitten and Angelica Heart as her mistress.

Relaxing on a couch, all seems well with the world as Lucy nestles like a happy feline in the lap of her owner. Lucy wears a white latex catsuit complete with little pink ears. They play games with each other; Lucy kneels on the couch and bends her “paws” obediently for her mistress; but one of the advantages of having a human kitten is the mistress can French kiss her, too! To reward her pet for being good, Angelica gives her a dish of milk on the floor; unfortunately, like animal pets sometimes, Lucy gets a little sloppy with her drinking and splashes milk on the hardwood floor.

Mistress Angelica wants her to lick it up, but Lucy balks–perhaps not fully accepting of all the responsibilities of being a pet. She doesn’t want to lick the floor, and Angelica can’t force her, so instead the mistress knows she must apply discipline so that her pet will obey in the future. Over Angelica‘s knee goes the white-latex-sheathed kitty, for a spanking Lucy will never forget! How beautiful her derriere looks encased in the taut material; you can just imagine how hot her bottom is inside as she gets smacked on her seat over and over by her stern, beautiful mistress. Lucy‘s cheeks get warmed in various positions until Angelica feels the lesson may have been learned, and then she gets Lucy back on the floor to lick up that milky mess.

This time, Lucy complies, as she moves into a higher stage of her life as a pet…but be here next week to see what else she must do to please her mistress!

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