Lana: Defies Doctors At Her Peril!

Hospitals are supposed to be places for healing…but when patients don’t take the advice of their doctors and nurses, stern measures are applied. Lana, who is in the institution for a nervous stomach, has persisted in trying to sneak out of her room to rebelliously smoke a cigarette (!) in the stairwell, and so for discipline she has been restrained nude for twenty-four hours in the bleakest basement of DDF Genital Hospital.

Her legs, wrists, and even her neck are bound with green rope to an ancient gynecology exam chair, and her thighs are spread wide open. She has no choice but too pee on herself when the urge hits in her isolation.

Luckily a gross little metal bowl is perched between her knees to catch the overflow, primarily to make the cleanup of the floor afterwards by attendants a little less time-consuming. Hospital staff hopes that Lana learns her lesson, so she will be allowed to pee in a toilet next time. But don’t bet your money on her changing her ways–because Lana is one incorrigible customer!

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