Lana & Brandy Smile: Lovely Ass To Spank [Part 2]

Oh dear, what was Dr. Lana going to do next to Brandy? In our first installment, she was unrelenting in paddling Brandy’s butt. But one thing Brandy is learning quite clearly: there is no end to Dr. Lana’s inventiveness in this perverted clinic!

It can’t possibly be hygienic to spit in Brandy’s mouth, yet Dr. Lana is doing it! Then she’s cramming Brandy’s face into her pierced pussy! After that the good doctor delights in having Brandy worship her ass crack! All this punishment for dropping a few files on the floor??

Dr. Lana feels that Brandy needs vibrator discipline. Yes, toys can be used for correctional purposes just like paddles! Leaning over the examining table, Brandy can hear Dr. Lana lubricating the vibrator with spit. And soon Brandy’s cunny feels the invading thrust of the toy…buzzing, throbbing, making her hole respond whether or not she wants it to! Brandy doesn’t want to be just a sex toy or a slut for some twisted healer…but that’s what her pussy seems to be making her into! All she wanted was a job to make some money to pay her rent…and now she’s being used and experimented upon.

Her body turned this way and that as Dr. Lana crams it with the toy, licks her clitoris, and then…then jams the obscene bullet into her ASSHOLE! Ohmigosh Brandy never thought she would have a vibrator in her anus!! And it feels so good because it’s so DEGRADING!

Brandy twitches in little explosions of girl-cum as the vibe does its job…then, she’s hauled back to her knees to service the doctor’s pussy some more. Her hands and ankles bound, she is positioned to be used to the sleazy, dirty maximum. And then back into ass goes that vibrator! Ohmigosh it never seems to stop penetrating her, over and over, as if the evil doctor is looking for something in her ass…some secret, some truth, some perverted new reality! And ohmigosh now she’s turning Brandy over and licking her and making her cum again…and again…and again!! And now she’s sitting on Brandy’s face while the toy is making her ass explode!

Yes, yes, it’s true, Brandy thinks–I didn’t take a job at Starbucks because I destined for this! Destined to be the ass-fucked sex freak of a beautiful evil doctor!

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