Lana & Brandy Smile: Lots of Lovely Ass to Spank!

I’m excited to work for Dr. Lana, Brandy Smile thought that first day on the job. The clinic seemed like such a cool place, not uptight at all. And Brandy loved how Dr. Lana wore short skirts under her medical coat, and even black spiked heel boots! But Brandy soon learned that this wasn’t such a normal clinic after all, because once she made a mistake and incited Dr. Lana’s ire, there was hell to pay–with her heinie!

No sooner did she drop a bunch of files, than Lana was pulling her hair and bending her over the examining table for a spanking! Brandy couldn’t believe it! Lana’s hand smacked her so hard through her tight pants, but that was only the beginning! Dr. Lana PULLED HER PANTS DOWN and exposed Brandy’s bare butt and then the real spanking began!

Oh it stung so bad!! SMACK SMACK SMACK on her cheeks–oohhhh Brandy wished she didn’t have such a big butt, because that only meant there was more for Lana to hurt!!

“Lots to spank here, Miss Smile, lots and lots of lovely ass!” laughed Dr. Lana. “Ow–owweee—oh no, don’t Dr. Lana–” went Brandy, but to no avail as the sadistic and obviously very experienced red-manicured spanking hand of this so-called “doctor” taught Brandy a lesson she didn’t deserve. Or DID she? Maybe it was a bad thing to drop files on the floor in a clinic–like, unsanitary or something??

Dr. Lana cuffed Brandy’s wrists, and then Lana took off her coat and revealed the shiny black bustier underneath! She looked more like a dominatrix than a healer! What was going on here?? Oh dear she kept spanking Brandy, sizzling her poor seat. Then she leaned her across the exam table–barefoot! How humiliating!! And then something really hard hit her–it was a PADDLE!! Whoosh–SPLAT!! Whoosh–SPLAT!!! “Oh no don’t Dr. Lana!! Donnnnnn’t…” Brandy’s cheeks were red and Dr. Lana was chuckling…and saying something like, “Your punishment is only beginning!!” And then she dragged Brandy over her knee! Was there no end to what Dr. Lana would do?

Brandy’s ass had never felt so hot! Like she’d sat on a barbecue! She was going to cry! No, no she wasn’t–she would hold it in! She still had her pride! But wait–even worst than crying–she was going to cum! In her bare pussy, she was going to explode! What kind of freak am I? Brandy thought. And worst of all–the doctor would know all about it, would see the flush in her cheek and hear her breathing as she came from her perverted excitement!! Oh god why didn’t I just take a job at Starbucks???

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