Krystal and Thomas: FOOT WASH

Kassey's feet get showered in liters of hot, golden piss A little foot play from Krystal‘s soft warm pink soles and toes has Thomas on the brink of exploding. Krystal continues her loving caresses, racking her toes and instep across Thomas’s shaft and glans. Eventually he can stand it no more and explodes into Krystal‘s foot bottoms, upturned just right to hold his dripping orgasm.

Kassey's feet get showered in liters of hot, golden pissHaving relieved his hard on, Thomas is now ready to piss. Krystal positions her soles under his stream for a though washing. Thomas produces a long and steady stream of amber fluid that completely drenches both wiggling feet and washes away all his cum. Krystal lets her toes flick through the stream to get the full sensation of the hot steaming discharge. Thomas leaves a puddle on the floor, which Krystal finds delightful of tap into and let her feet wash it about.

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