Kristien & Latex Lucy: Suspended Penetration

It’s another day in the kinky world of Latex Lucy, as she hangs suspended by ropes in the garden terrace over a table while her friend Kristien reads a magazine and enjoys his alfresco meal. Naturally they are both in latex outfits, with Lucy’s a particularly fetching blue-green color accented by her white platform heels.

The DDF cameras capture a very surreal but sensual atmosphere in this Full HD BDSM video as Kristien finally decides to put down his magazine and have some fun with his captive–feeding her face with his black-latex-sheathed cock, sliding his inches into her throat.

Through the zipper in her latex crotch, he fingers her snatch, getting her ready for what we might dub “suspended penetration” by his latex log.

He turns Lucy this way and that in her ropes, which criss-cross her curvy body and big breasts, ropes which make escape impossible…not that she’d want to escape! Because if she did, she wouldn’t get to enjoy the big load of sperm that he squirts between her rich red lips so that it dribbles down the chin of her face mask!

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