Kathia Nobili & Tigerr Benson: Maid sexually humiliated [Part 3]

We’re back again to the Lang and Nobili household where last left off!

They were torturing and humiliating their maid Tigerr, just for the fun of it and had just finished reaming her asshole. What could be left?

Well for starters, how about a dog leash and little more choking and reprimanding?

Perhaps some more dunking of her pretty face into the tub to make sure she gets the point. Think that would work? No way!

Kathia shoots milk up her asshole using a douche, then squirts the stuff right onto Tigerr‘s face and head and Nick dunks her in the water again and makes her lick Kathia‘s freshly douched asshole!

Then Nick cums in her mouth and Kathia dunks her head in the water. Nick pulls her out of the tub at the end like an animal, and smacks her face few more times. I wonder if Tigerr has learned a thing or two about this whole situation. Only time will tell!

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