Kathia Nobili & Tigerr Benson: Maid sexually humiliated [Part 2]

It’s the return of the torrid trio!

What will Nick and Kathia do to their poor little defenseless maid Tigerr this time around? You’ll have to watch and see!

This couple has seriously gone MAD! They are not into your usual humiliation and domination techniques. They get even deeper then you can imagine. How about marching their little naked maid into their bathroom area, and plunging her whole head into the tub!

Not only that, but both of them enjoy holding her head down at the same time as she squirms and begs for them to stop. This is followed by choking her and submerging her whole body in the tub while a naked Mr. lang hovers above her, and a wicked crazy Kathia Nobili slaps that face up and tugs on her black hair.

After a few minutes of torture, Kathia gets naked and drops her hot body into the tub as well for a goood doggy style and anal pounding right above Tigerr‘s head, using her mouth to clean Nick’s dick off every couple of minutes or so.

Then Tigerr get’s her big asshole fucked while smacking down on Kathia‘s jelly bean, and you guessed it, while having her face pushed underwater as well!

Just a regular day in the Lang and Nobili household!

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