Kathia Nobili & Alysa: Bizarre Relationship Surprises!

Relationships are tricky things. And there always seems to be the person who is the leader, and the person who is…well, who is led. Or if you want to get more graphic about it as we are wont to do here at House of Taboo, let’s just call a spade a spade: the mistress and the slave.

Which brings us to today’s roleplay about two girls in love. When Alysa met Kathia, she knew she was a little bossy, but she didn’t realize that when she moved in with Kathia that she’d have to start calling her Mistress and agree to do all the housework and then…when she didn’t do the housework right, find herself taken downstairs into Kathia’s personal basement dungeon, where she finds herself now, to be DISCIPLINED!

Tied up naked and subject to lecturing, and then her bare feet stepped on by Kathia’s spiky boot heel and her tongue and tits and twat squeezed by a big wooden tweezer thingie! Wow, the stuff Alysa didn’t know about Kathia before moving in with her would fill a BOOK! Or at least a Full HD hardcore BDSM XXX video!

Then it’s time for ass-smacking with that wooden doohickey and getting slapped in the face with a long black glove! Yet Alysa continues to love Kathia…perhaps even more!

Indeed, her affection deepens for the stern blonde as her mouth is stuffed with that glove, her ass is smacked by Kathia’s palm, and then she’s made to kneel on the floor and have her asshole poked and spat on and prepared for a shockingly wide gape!!

Alysa never knew her ass could open so wide…but it does, and then that gape gets poked by the pointy boot which she then has to lick clean before licking Kathia’s asshole…or MISTRESS Kathia’s asshole, as she’ll have to remember to address her as from now on!!!

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