Jelly doughnut anyone? [Part 2]

Dirty hardcore babe Bernice is back for part two of her DDF hardcore set, and she is really out to be crowned ” Queen of Nasty”. This sets so nasty that I seriously had to just run right through it!

You’ll have your fill of pussy lip gaping, clothing pin twat pulls, bloody period in a cup, nipple and tongue pinching, just tons of self humiliation going on here!

At one point Bernice just cloth pins her kisser. Doesn’t bother her one bit!

While her twats pinched closed, she puts the plastic syringe in her butthole then pulls it out and squirts red and blue paint all over her body. Thanks goodness! I thought that might be blood in one of the cups. Leaving her body just a dirty painted mess she double clamps her bat wings again and calls it a day!

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