Jelly doughnut anyone? [Part 1]

Bernice from Budapest brings out the B, in bloody tampon!

This tall slim and sexy chica gets a little preoccupied in this solo scene as she fiddles with a syringe!

Some kind of infatuation she’s got with it, pressing it against her little nipples, in between the folds of her pussy, in her mouth twiddling with her tongue ring.

Seems like she wants an injection of a sort. Well how about a hot beef one Bernice, smothered in tartar sauce? Plenty of guys out there would be willing to give you one of those!

Well I thought this might be all about syringe fetish here, but as the camera pans down we see a suspicious string dangling from her bald beaver!

Low and behold, after a few shots from the front and the rear and a snug tug of that little rope, wallah! A bloody used tampon appears! A bloodsuckers dream!

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