Jasmine & Saabo: CHOCOLATE SPICE part 2

Ebony babe Jasmine gets bound, tortured and ridden hard Saabo has Jasmine perched on a wooden horse so she is balanced on her pussy. The agony of all that pressure on her delicate parts is further enhanced when he ties off her legs then attaches clamps to spread her pussy lips even further open. Balancing the pain with pleasure, Saabo brings her through an orgasm with a vibrator, applied to her exposed clit.

After some respite, its time for Saabo’s now rampant cock to get some relief. He ties Jasmine over the horse.

She cannot move much more than her head, but the tight position offers him easy access to her mouth and pussy. He plunges into her open waiting lips from first one end then the other and finally climaxes onto her face and into her open mouth.

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