Jasmine Rouge & Titus Steel: INTERROGATION TRAINING

Dirty Dr Titus experiments with vulnerable blond Jasmine Corporal Lance is reporting to her regiment’s doctor for interrogation endurance testing, before she is sent on a dangerous mission. This luscious morsel of femininity is first made to strip for the ordeal. After the routine checks of her vital signs including pelvic and rectal exam and a rectal temperature check, the tough part starts. The demure but cooperative Corporal endures electric shock treatments to her vagina and asshole both of which are opened wide with speculums before the electrodes are inserted.

Dirty Dr Titus experiments with vulnerable blond JasmineShe is bound and forcibly fucked by the Doctor to show her what it is like to be raped. Finally, the doctor noting her attractive face, which the enemy would surely find desirable, subjects her to a bound and forced blowjob. Having successfully endured this indoctrination she is dismissed with a glowing smile.

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