Jasmine Jae: Enjoying Her Prisoner [Part 2]

Sheriff Jasmine, that sadistic dominant cowgirl, returns in Part 2 of this fetish XXX video of extreme sex to continue to torture her prisoner Yanick Shaft even more than previously!

With Yanick still chained to the wall, she clamps his cock between her upper thighs and toys with his foreskin. Then she grasps his stiff root and plunges it into her shaved, pierced pussy. Moving him over to sit on a trunk, she rides his cock cowgirl style, takes it in the doggie position too, but always keeps a firm upper hand on the situation by brandishing her authority via her six-shooter. Returning Yanick to his chains on the wall, she then jerks off his cock until he explodes in her hand, which only prepares him for the final phase of his torture…

After licking most of his cum off her palm, she rubs the spermy residue on Yanick’s chest, to prepare him for what’s coming next. She takes a pot of honey and starts lathing the gooey stuff all over his body with a wooden stick, even sucking the honey off his still-stiff dick as this Full HD BDSM epic builds in suspense. What will happen next?? Let’s put it this way…she has a bag full of FEATHERS…and she holds it in front of his sticky naked body…

Will she do what it looks like?? See the result in this ultra-taboo video and pics!!

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DDF Updates: Enjoying Her Prisoner, Part 2


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