Jasmine Jae: Enjoying Her Prisoner [Part 1]

Sheriff Jasmine Jae has her naked prisoner Yanick Shaft where she wants him–chained up in the barn where she caught him hiding out. She’ll torture him a bit until her posse can get there and help bring this varmint back to the town jail!

Enjoy the Full HD BDSM thrills in this fetish XXX video as Sheriff Jasmine runs her big gun over his dick, sticks her fingers in his mouth, scratches her nails over his chest, and then whips his dick with a little flogger!

However, kneeling in front of that meat, even as she whips his balls, she can’t help but start to think about how good his prick would feel in her mouth.

She nibbles a bit on his thick inches, and bites at the skin of his sac. But to rid herself of such thoughts, which might endanger her hold over her prisoner, she turns him to face the wall so she can whip his ass and jerk his johnson at the same time! However, then she kneels again and starts nibbling at his ass…

We have a feeling Sheriff Jasmine is not done with Yanick yet–not by a long shot! So be here for Part 2 in a few days to see what wildness happens next!!

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DDF Updates: Enjoying Her Prisoner, Part 1


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