Jasmine Black & Paige Delight: Strange Instrument of Correction

From the moment her cruel mistress Jasmine Black rips off the black duct tape from Paige Delight’s nipples in this Full HD exploration of lesbian bondage, the slave knows she is in for a rough kinky time.

Paige is bound hand and foot for punishment in a red room, spread-eagle on a bed, and Mistress Black shows no mercy, whether she’s biting Paige’s nips, face-sitting Paige, or whipping her pussy with a crop.

Paige also has to surrender to Jasmine’s tongue as the domme severely savors her sub’s snatch. Next Paige is put on her knees for spanking with Jasmine’s bare hand.

The agony from the spanking is barely over when Jasmine then introduces a long silver anal hook into the scene…a gadget which teaches Paige that to disobey her goddess means that her body will be plundered with strange and perhaps even painful instruments of correction!

See everything that happens to Paige in this fetish XXX video full of BDSM.

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