Jasmine and Saabo: HOGTIED SLAVE part 1

She is hung by her wrists. Her sleek chocolate body glistens with sweat and strains in her bonds. Master Saabo approaches with his whip in hand. He toys with her, teasing her body with light flashes of the flogger. She is bent and tied forward with her full round ass pointing high above her lowered head.

He tests her sex. Dipping his cock in from behind as she moans in surprise and pleasures. He strings her up in a full suspended hogtie with her body bent in half and swinging above the floor.

Her ass protrudes forward inviting his attention She gasps through the gag firmly embedded between her full supple lips. Her gapping spread pussy makes an inviting target for Saabo’s rampant cock. She jolts, dances and swings by her limbs as Saabo plunges into her.

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