Ivana Sugar: More Than She Bargained For [Part 1]

This is an interesting house to work in, thinks housemaid Ivana Sugar, as she brings breakfast into the bedroom of her master. But where did he go? He must have run out to get the morning newspapers without my hearing. Now what’s this on the bed? A vibrator? Handcuffs? A mask?

He had a wild time last night with that girl he picked up from the nightclub…I heard them together, but I couldn’t see them together through the door…but I’m sure I could have given him a wilder night, whatever they did!

Maybe I can let him know how kinky a girl I am myself by playing with these things, and letting him discover me in them…let’s see…the blindfold really makes me feel strange…vulnerable…my pussy feels hot, let me play with it a little…but it might be even sexier if one of my hands is in the cuffs…wow, I feel so…available…

I’m going to use this silver bullet on myself, I bet I’ll have an amazing orgasm this way…ohhhhh, that feels so good!! A vibrator never felt so good before, I wonder if it’s the blindfold or the cuffs that are making it feel so awesomely great…but I want to do more. That purple plug I saw on the bed…where is it? Here I found it now…I know where it goes, where it BELONGS…it belongs in my ASS…let me wet it…ooh, a funky taste…but I’m being a funky girl here, aren’t I?

The bullet is buzzing in me but let me make room for the plug too…oh my, I can’t believe what this feels like, like ten hands working my crotch over, a hundred fingers…I’ll push the plug in further, and then, then after I cum…maybe my boss will come back, and he will see…he will know…that he got more than he bargained for when he hired me. The only question…the only one I have…is will I get more than I bargained for?? Can’t wait…can’t wait…to find out!!

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