Ivana Sugar: Golden Puddles

Our scene today has a strange dream-like quality as Ivana Sugar finds herself in a thoroughly disheveled room, as if coming upon the remains of a wild party. In fact, Ivana is dressed for such a party, in taut black leggings with a fishnet-like cut-out pattern.

Ivana rests her butt against a table, placing her high heel-shod feet astride a big mirror that lays on the floor. She takes down her top and plays with her titties, then feels a most natural urge strike her. Perhaps she was living it up with some champagne the night before? Because the golden streams shall flow!

Flow, all over the mirror in endless torrents of lovely feminine pee!

Ivana puddles all over the mirror, looking down at the reflection almost as if she’s peeing on herself! Check out her Full HD fetish XXX video to see all the pissing come out of her shaved pussy, drenching her tights!

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DDF Updates: Golden Puddles


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