Isla: When She Is Bad…

If there is one thing that inspires inventors, it is necessity. And the necessity to subjugate a feisty and defiant young woman who refuses to follow orders and act submissive to her masters is what may have stimulated the creation of the unique silver collar-and-cuffs that Isla wears when we come upon her in this new House of Taboo scene, which is yet another example of the extreme sex spectrum we explore each week in our full HD BDSM videos.

Being restrained in this manner, and naked, and locked in a room, Isla has no choice–because she has been bad–but to urinate on the floor when the urge to drain hits her, and she pees with the only lack of restraint she is permitted, flooding the steps she stands on with her inner liquid. You’ll see the long stream bursting out of her pussy and wetting the sheet that was placed across the steps just in the event of such a bladder emergency.

Then Isla has to sit in the damp mess she’s made, clasping her hands as well she should–supplicating for forgiveness from her stern but unseen controllers–which include all of US watching her humiliating squirts of pee!!

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