Grace Noel & Vanessa Jordin: Spank and Spread!

Naughty schoolgirl Grace Noel didn’t excel like she should have in her first year college course of home ed, and for that she will pay dearly.

You see, her teacher, Vanessa Jordin, moonlights as a very demanding dominatrix, and she’s had her eye on Grace for sometime.

She invites Grace to her domain, and her final grades will depend on just how much she can handle from good ole teach!

Things open up with Grace being sweetly caressed by her teacher and quickly turn to her having a dog collar wrapped around her neck and being ordered to her bowl of milk on all fours.

It’s like yin and yang with the differences in the two foxy ladies attire. School girl outfit on one, and tight leather mini dress with cut-off sleeves on the other, the best of both worlds!

Grace is a good little submissive, lapping up her milk without uttering a word with her luscious looking pierced tongue. Mistress Vanessa, once again lovingly caresses the dames silky lochs and makes sure not to get her hair wet in the bowl of milk she’s lapping up. She then starts kissing Grace, and Grace really isn’t having that.

The mistress becomes annoyed and pulls her to her chair, revealing her shaved cup cake for her babe to enjoy. Grace starts a-lickin that hot twat of her teachers, however she’s not so enthusiastic about it, and Vanessa really starts to get fumed about her unwillingness to satisfy her for better grades.

Grace gets tied down to a table doggy style and the spanks that follow on her juicy pale rear-end are EPIC! Your nuts will scream for release at the sound of that bum being peppered alone, let along how juicy that caboose of hers looks bent over and popped up high in the air. Gorgeous sight indeed.

Then Vanessa really gives her the punishment with a HUGE black dildo, and shoves it in her mouth, with a look on her face that says she means business. Anal business! After boring her mouth out, it’s a spit lube job and time to sink that big black ship in her pink bung!

Grace‘s pussy looks like a taco from paradise ready to be smacked down on and when her ass gets penetrated you can see it beckoning for some pleasure too. It’s almost like her Pussy is saying ” Darn you asshole, why do you always get all the fun! ”

After Vanessa is done reaming her hole, she gives Grace a nice taste of that backdoor delight and lets her enjoy being tied up, kind of like sitting in a corner with a dunce hat, but only so much better!

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