Gina: Toys of His Perversion [Part 2]

It’s that time again, Gina…Perversion Time with your rich mentor, who is paying off your student loans in exchange for your voluntary indulgence of his unique whims. You even signed a legal contract for this, remember? All very businesslike.

This week, you are naked in his Kabinet of Kink except for your white panties, shoes, and socks, and you are facing the wooden interior. He enters the scene with his latex gloves, pulling down your panties, and then he gets behind the cabinet, putting his hands through the arm holes so he can more intimately toy with your underpants and expose your cute tush. Feel his hands on your pussy lips, tugging, probing…and then using a scissors to cut away the panties themselves!

There is no sensation like the snipping of the fabric by the metal shears, peeling away the last vestige of your modesty. And then you feel the panties in your mouth as you are encouraged to partake of your own accumulated juices in the cotton! Even as you suck on the underwear, your bizarre mentor pulls apart your cheeks so that he can slide a gloved finger into your bungie…and he moves it around, investigating the interior of your rectum!

“I’m sure you want to taste yourself, don’t you my dear?” he says through the wooden wall of the cabinet, and when you answer “yes” he puts his latexed fingers in your mouth. Well, it is strange and unusual, but is it really stranger or more unusual…or more perverted…than the insane burden of student loans that a girl has to take on to get a high-level education these days??

Yes, you’re more than willing to have your tits, pussy, twat and mouth hornily handled in order to achieve freedom from your debts! And after all, when the scene is ended, your mentor will take you out for a big juicy steak too!

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