Gina Devine: Stream Of Inspiration!

Many indeed are the intricate and mysterious pathways within the artistic mind!

Convoluted and complex are the connections such a mind makes between what seems to be only kinky and perverse to the average citizen’s eye! Gina Devine regularly poses for such an artist, a painter who specializes in abstract but colorful skulls, and afterward she stays to be bound naked by him, with red ropes, on a ladder.

“It inspires me to new heights of creativity,” the artist once told her, “to tie you up and leave you alone and nude with your thoughts!” When the scene opens, Gina is alone, having been abandoned in his sunlit studio while the painter goes out to enjoy lunch with one of his patrons.

Gina is left to contemplate one of his skull paintings and think about the direction of her career as an artist’s model. After awhile, the urge to pee comes upon her, and she gives into it. In fact, she gives into it quite a lot, not only peeing on the ladder and onto the floor, but even onto her own feet.

See the warm golden nectar spray, spurt, glisten and then finally dribble down below her in a bizarre stream as she realizes she may well have just provided inspiration for another as yet-unborn skull canvas from the brushes of her employer!

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