Gina & Clara G: Discipline From The Dean [Part 2]

When the dean of students, Clara G., returns to her office, her naughty pupil Gina is still standing there with the book on her head, trying to achieve some discipline in this life.

Do you want to learn even more about what your life will be like if you don’t buckle down and obey the rules?” says Clara G.

Yes, Ms. G.,” answers Gina.

Very well then. If you don’t have a good education, and furthermore if you have black marks all over your personal record as a citizen and perhaps end up in penal institutions, your options will be few! In fact, the only job that will be open to you will be that of streetwalking prostitute, a girl who sucks cocks and gets fucked by strangers for money in dark alleys and crummy hotel rooms! Do you want me to demonstrate what your future as a streetwalker will be like, you bad girl?

Yes, Ms. G.,” says Gina.

When the book is removed from her head and she turns around, she sees immediately what she will be faced with! Clara is in full sleazy mode, with a strap-on dildo hanging from her crotch!

We must pretend that I am one of your customers when you are a streetwalker. Customers are called ‘johns’ and ‘tricks.’ Now get on your knees and take this trick’s cock in your mouth.

Gina does as she is asked.

Ooh, that’s very good, my hot little slut,” says the dean, “you’ve gotten my dick so hard I want to fuck you right away!

And then she leads Gina over to the desk to bang her pussy from behind and when she’s laying down too. Clara tugs on the girl’s nipples, thrusting back and forth in her twat until finally she says, “I want your ass now, girl! And when you are a streetwalker, Gina, if the john pays for the ass, you will be giving it to him!

And with those thoughts in her mind, Gina feels Clara’s dick penetrating her rosebud deep and hard. “How do you like getting fucked in the butt, Gina?” the dean asks, but she doesn’t give Gina any time to answer–to show her how her future johns and tricks will sometimes be impatient to just move ahead to the next sexual activity. And so Clara takes out the strap-on prick from Gina’s ass and stuffs it deeply into her mouth.

So, Gina, what will it be?” says Dean of Students Clara G.Will you work hard to be a good upstanding student and citizen, or do you want to end up a girl of the streets?

But Gina has the last laugh on this ultra-kinky, authoritarian lady. Gina doesn’t answer…gives Clara a strangely unreadable expression…because perhaps Gina has been introduced to a possible way of life that turns her on!!! Thus are the goals of higher education thwarted by the perversions of the pedagogues!!

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