Fountain of Linet’s vermouth!

You ever come upon a girl that’s so darn good looking you think to yourself “Damn, I would totally let her piss in my mouth, and then gargle with it!

Well, exotic Czech babe Linet with her piercing green eyes, long dreamy legs and honey pot puss you just want to lick for hours brings out exactly those sentiments for us in this series of HD piss shots!

Clad in her new cornroll hair-do, thigh high leather boots and stylistic Gothic top that has perfect holes for tittie protrusion, she grabs a hold of her pisser and gives us an eye full! Or Should I say, a hot mouth full of her sweet golden liquid that she is able to aim with just a flick of her fingers.

Our camera guys are pretty darn daring too! These shots look like someone must have gotten a little drizzle on them, but then again, perhaps that was intentional!

To me it seems like she is practically squatting on my face and using my tongue as toilet paper! When she’s done with the ole fountain of vermouth, She grabs a bottle of Czech Boons, takes a swig and spits it out on her tatas and watches it roll straight down to her thirsty cooter. That’s one way of wettin it down!

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