Eufrat is Spanked by Thierry for being a naughty girl

Hey there, it’s me Eufrat and I’ve been so naughty. I’m being punished by my husband because he caught me watching some porn and masturbating while he was away. He had a spy camera and when he returned from home he was furious. I was watching humiliation porn, so he decided that I must like it!

When I was sleeping he had a man all in black tie me up and take me to the garden. He was wearing a really ugly max, but it turned me on and I hope that he was going to shag me as punishment. He led me out to the garden where I was tied to a wooden set of beams and elevated.

From that point on, I was spanked on my ass repeatedly, until it was shades of red and purple. Everyone once and awhile he pulled my hair and spanked me harder.

It hurt so bad, but the shame turned me on and my pussy was so wet from it that the juices were running down my leg. Unfortunately, there was no penetration for me , since I was a bad girl.

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