Naughty nurse fun with enemas, anal probes and injections Carol is a bubbly vibrant patient with a naughty edge. She has come to Dr. Lush with an itchy problem. The Doctorís exam starts with a stethoscope then follows with a though cleaning back and front.

Naughty nurse fun with enemas, anal probes and injectionsA cock shaped enema nozzle is employed to insure nothing obstructs the Doctors view when she gets inside for a closer look. No exam would be complete without a temperature check, rectally of course, so Carol gets one that makes her squirm a bit on the table.

The Doctor deduces that Carolís problem may be an inflammation and prescribes an antibiotic. Much to Carolís chagrin this is to be injected into her pert smooth nether cheek. After a few yelps and sounds of distress, itís all over and Carol is feeling much better.

Dr. Lush tests the results of her treatment with a good pussy reaming with a strap-on dildo and finds, to Carolís delight as well, that all her functions are once again in good working order.

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