Domina and Lolly Cat: HER FIRST CANING

Lolly Cat is about to be punished Lolly Cat, a slave in training, is about to learn the delights and demise of pissing off her Mistress. Wielding a whipping thin implement, she bends the girl’s naked body over a desk and applies a good dose of the cane to the poor her virgin white posteriors. The marks and weals soon appear amidst cries and whimpers emitted from the surprised girl. She bounces and squirms but stays in position as her Mistress has commanded.

Mistress Domina pounds Lolly Cat's pussyAfter a dozen or so strokes Mistress Domina selects a hardy tawse to brighten up the white sections of her slaves marked behind. The addition of the tawse smacking her already sore behind, cause a new level of cries and squirms from the poor girl. When she has delivered enough punishment, Mistress Domina treats her new pet with a pussy pounding at the end of her strap of dildo.

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