Domina and Lolly Cat: Candelabra

Domina and Lolly Cat: CANDELABRA In training as a Dominaís demure servant, Lolly is reduced to a candleholder. Her legs are spread wide by a spreader bar giving her Mistress a view and access to her panty clad sweet-spot. With her neck and hands fixed to a harness she must stand patiently attending her mistress and hoping the dripping candle wax does not burn too bad.

Domina and Lolly Cat: CANDELABRABut then something happens. Her bladder starts to erupt but her Mistress will not grant her any relief. Eventually she canít hold it and drops of her sweet urine begin to drip and dribble from her panties, down her legs, splashing on the floor below.

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