Doctor has his way! [Part 1]

Another episode of Deviant Doctors here on House of Taboo!

This time the lovely Linet, who is moonlighting as a candy striper makes the mistake of going into work still wearing her latex fetish attire from the night before underneath her uniform!

When the doc comes in he spots it right away and coyly dips some cotton balls into chloroform and renders the beauty unconscious!

He then bonds her to the table spread eagle (She was panty-less already, so hmmm, maybe she already knew what the doc might be up to!) and gloves up! He fondles her body like he’s giving her some kind of twisted examination. Then he pulls out a pink wand vibrator and gives her the shocker while massaging her clit!

He’s really getting in there, maybe he’s just making sure everything is functional. Oooops! Linet wakes up, but she seems to be cool with the two fingers in her asshole and soon is brought to a climactic orgasm!

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