Demetris: Naughty Miss Pottypants!

Poor Demetris! It’s bad enough that her grades as a first year college student aren’t up to par…but she seems to be having other problems as well. She is acting rather immature, shall we say…dressing a bit youthfully…sitting in the first row and showing off her legs to Professor Bloom and batting her eyelashes at him…and then in the middle of an important lecture, raising her hand and asking permission to go to the bathroom!

All the other students in the lecture hall laugh at the silliness of her behavior, even as the baffled professor, who isn’t accustomed to his freshmen and freshwomen asking for potty permission, merely nods his assent. But when Demetris tries to get into the bathroom down the hall, she discovers it’s locked! Oh dear! What is a girl to do but squeeze her smooth pretty legs together to try to hold back the pee?

But that’s not going to solve the problem. The door is not going to magically open. On the other hand, she doesn’t have time to race around the corridors looking for the custodian to unlock the door, so…so she’ll just have to go on the floor unless she wants to keep wetting her panties and soaking her socks and making her pretty mary jane shoes all stinky with pee!

Look at the spot that just appeared, it’s only the beginning, so she better not wait! She tugs aside the pink cotton crotch panel and lets it rip. Oh that feels so good to let out all that pee…she knew she shouldn’t have drunk so much soda this morning with her breakfast…yes, she knows soda is not good for breakfast, but she loves it! Nothing like a scrambled egg sandwich and root beer to start a girl’s day!

And now it’s coming out in all that pee, all over the floor, what a gusher, and she hopes nobody from the lecture hall can see her doing it! At least, she TELLS herself that she hopes nobody can see her…because she certainly doesn’t mind if WE watch! 😉

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