Debbie White: Cum Hard County Clinical Exam!

Debbie White is one of those babes at DDF that’s been here for a few years now, but she just keeps getting better and better. The 5’5″ grey eyed starlet has a very sexually sophisticated Eastern European look that drives men and women alike to the brink of insanity with passion.

House of Taboo welcomes her again to perform in front of the lens, and this time, she’s the wickedly horny nurse who gives herself a gynecological exam!

From the very beginning you get the sense that this is not your typical nurse! A black and red vinyl outfit replace the traditional white of the medical field, and the long silver speculum in her hands is exploring her mouth and the folds of her juicy vagina.

Her 34C breasts are revealed and the cameras zoom in for a close up of her stiff nipples, putting us right in the examination room, front row seat. Within moments the room is filled with her moans of sheer ecstasy as she plunges the silver tool deep inside her pierced pie.

Her long shapely legs folded back in the air as if a mysterious force were holding them for her so she can penetrate deeper and deeper. She gets up on her knees and that super round, curvaceous booty pops up like a balloon, just waiting for some motion from the ocean!

The nipple of a precarious clear plastic bottle is stuffed into her anus, usually reserved for cleansing, but the ultra horny nurse is fucking her tight hole with it instead! Then she jams two speculums in her pie for extra satisfaction.

From our doctors spread eagle view, it look s like a metal robot cock freakin Debbie, and then double penetrating her as well. We get a birds eye view of the naughty nurse with her legs folded back as a finale. Both silver stickers bringing her to a climactic orgasm that leaves her flushed on the lime green examination table staring back at us with her amazing grey eyes!

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