Danielle Maye & Teena Lipoldino: Utensils For Punishment [Part 1]

Bombshell Danielle Maye from the United Kingdom didn’t know when she got involved with Teena Lipoldino that she was going to get far more kinkiness than she’d ever experienced before.

All she’d known thus far was the charm and beauty of the Russian blonde. But Teena has strict rules about relationships, and when she sees Danielle flirting with a man–a possessor of a cock–at a party, she knows she’ll have to discipline her paramour to teach her that Danielle can only enjoy dick if and when Teena gives her permission.Yes, discipline is necessary to make Danielle understand!

That’s when Teena reveals the secret room in her house, complete with utensils for punishment. Tied to a wooden horse, Danielle is in the perfect position for correction. She loves Teena too much to defy her, so she allows herself to be put into the situation for correction. Teena applies the paddle to Danielle’s derriere, quickly raising marks that will teach the hussy that even to “harmlessly flirt” is to show disrespect to Teena as her lover.

Up and down the paddle goes, warming Miss Maye’s moons…but Teena wants even more intimate application of instruction. She takes down Danielle’s thong and warms her with her hand a bit, before returning to the paddle. What will be the next instrument for punishment?

Be here next week to find out!

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