Daniella Mae & Becky Holt: Sting of the Roses

Enter the realm of the tattooed temptresses as blonde Becky Holt is disciplined by raven-tressed Daniela.

Both these gals have serious ink, which adds to the kink as we watch Becky, spread-eagled outdoors on a frame, being chastised by Daniela with a whip that seems to be made of artificial roses. (If they were real roses, the thorns would tear up Becky’s flesh!)

Daniela whips Becky’s tits, then turns her around and whips and gives her butt a spanking.

The DDF cameras capture all the angles on this lesbian bondage action, Full HD BDSM presented to you in a fetish XXX video that demonstrates the proposition that sometimes when girls get heavily into ink, it takes more than a lick of pink to satisfy their erotic urges!

Yes, in this case we get kink instead of pink as Mistress Daniela shows Becky who’s boss.

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