Crystal Crown & Titus Steel: MY HUSBANDS LOVING HAND

Sexy Crystal Crown is spanked and caned then sucks dick Her bath is interrupted with the command to stand barked as he enters the room. He begins with a slow but firm hand slapping to her protruding posteriors as she bends in the tub. Soon the velocity increases and her yelps and cries are elevated when his hand is replaced with the carpet beater. His senses are heightened from the warm feel and glow of his wifeís nether globes.

Sexy Crystal Crown is spanked and caned then sucks dickHe uses her mouth plunging his rigid cock into her with force and intensity. Then he takes her pain further. Standing her in a corner he brings her bottom from pink to reddish purple with the hard application of his hand.
Then leaves her to contemplate the cane. She is crying and pleading to be let off from a canning when he returns. He uses her mouth again leaving a deposit to dribble down her throat and chin. Then, when he is satisfied, itís the cane. She whimpers and shivers from the very touch of it. But in spite of her pleadings he marks her bottom with a dozen gentle welts.

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