Crucified by the penis [Part 3]

The last time we saw Alexa with Nick Lang, she was being crucified by the cock!

Well, were back on scene and she’s still got those arms bound, and her legs too! Being dominated and humiliated, and obviously loving it!

She’s being drilled from behind, with perfect views of her trimmed twat receiving its hard prick! Then like a good little slave girl she cleans the cum off Nick’s dick, or better yet, she’s forced to suck it off!

Deep penetration in the reverse cowgirl with some super twat shots and hip gyrating ensue, all the while with her arms outstretched! Someone’s gonna be sore in the morning!

But not as sore as her asshole when Nick jams his hard prick in their furiously in several deep penetration positions!!

Turns into a SUPER creampie! But it’s not over until Alexa finishes it off with an ass to mouth tasting, and is left laying bound and worn the fuck out!

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