Cloe & Choky Ice: HUNG and STUFFED

A hard playing scene ensues when Choky introduces his new found friend to the arts of bondage and the darker side of lust. Dragged into the dungeon playroom her wiry and bewildered body is thrust up in the rack exposing her in the widest possible position.

Choky has his way with her out stretched pussy. He pulls and stretches it till it can accommodate not just his fingers, but his whole hand. Cloe swoons with ecstasy as he plunges his fist deep into her gaping pit. This introduction is followed by several more when her body and limbs are bound hanging and stretched to extreme limits.

Her mouth hung at crotch level well beneath her spread and pointed feet, accommodates Choky’s plunging organ. Hung by wrists and ankles Cloe’s pussy and asshole are both exposed and spread wide. They oddly enough easily accommodate a huge green dildo as well as Choky’s hammering cock.

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