Clara G. & Tigerr Benson: Bound In Obedient Immobility!

Tigerr Benson must have done something very bad to upset her mistress Clara G., because Clara is punishing Tigerr from the git-go in this new scene. Clara is dressed casually, as if to meet a friend for a fun lunch, but Tigerr did something naughty and requires immediate discipline.

She is bound in leather straps that restrict her movement, and she gets slapped in the face. Bending the bad girl over, Clara smacks her repeatedly on the butt with her crop, action which we see captured from a variety of intimate angles as Tigerr moans and cries out in pain. Then Tigerr is laid lengthwise across a couch, still bound in her straps, and Clara runs her crop over Tigerr’s tits and torso.

Then Clara takes off her jeans and sits her pussy down harshly on Miss Benson’s face, insisting that she get full cunny-licking service from her slave. She squeezes Tigerr’s titties as the girl laps at her clit, and then Clara turns around so that her pussy and ass cheeks will simultaneously engulf the helpless girl’s face. After she puts her jeans back on, Clara takes out a large black dildo which she demands that Tigerr wet with her mouth. Then she turns Tigerr over on her stomach and has her lift up her butt in all its vulnerability. Clara drips saliva down on her submissive’s asshole, and then crams the dildo in there, to stay sticking out like a tail while Tigerr remains motionless on the couch, her ass in the air, her wrists and ankles still bound by their straps into obedient immobility.

Well, as Clara’s tattoo says, “What doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger!” A lesson Clara hopes that Tigerr has learned, and will think about, while Clara goes off to have her leisurely lunch with a friend.

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