Clara G. & Lexi Lowe & Samantha Bentley: Perverted Nurses Strike! [Part 1]

Just when you thought it might safe again to engage the services of health providers when you need them, we give you another installment in House of Taboo’s informal but ongoing series spotlighting the world’s Most Depraved Medical Professionals.

Today we have two totally Perverted Nurses, played by Clara G (in the red uniform) and Lexi Lowe (in the pink). Meanwhile, their soon-to-tormented patient, Samantha Bentley, lays strapped on the examining table, somehow asleep despite what we imagine would be the overwhelming anxiety of her predicament.

As Clara and Lexi plan Sam’s course of treatment, their focus get derailed as Clara fondles Lexi’s tits; kisses and bites her mouth (there are some wild closeups of her tugging on Lexi’s lips with her teeth); spanks her ass and then bites it (leaving bruises!); and then grabbing handfuls of Lexi’s snatch like a hunk of meat.

Then Clara spits into Lexi’s face, her saliva dripping down the Lowe cheeks–which Clara then licks up. (If she was going to lick it up anyway, why spit it out in the first place? But it’s dangerous to ponder the motives of Perverted Nurses. They might strap YOU down as punishment for such idle curiosity!) After spitting directly into Lexi’s mouth Clara gets her co-worker down on her knees to lap at her pussy for awhile. But Clara is insatiable for new thrills, and the cunnilingus she received is clearly not enough to quell her hungers–because next she lubes her hand and fists Lexi’s pussy!

Yes, you’ll Clara’s dark-polished fingernails and her long digits sliding their way into Lexi’s well-lubricated snatch and going in almost to the wrist! Then the nurses decide they’ve been neglecting their patient Samantha long enough. It’s time for Gigantic Black Dildo Therapy. Miss Bentley! Open wide!!

To her credit, Nurse Clara uses her own mouth on the dildo first, to demonstrate that she won’t put her patients through anything that she can’t handle–and then the dildo is fed into Samantha’s face. The patient strains at her bonds, but to no avail as Nurse Clara then sits on Samantha’s tummy so that Clara’s comfy while receiving a huge dildo in her pussy thanks to Nurse Lexi. Samantha looks like she’s groaning under Clara’s weight, but hey, honey, if you don’t want to undergo such bizarre treatment, don’t take your health concerns to DDF Genital Hospital! Lexi places her hand over Samantha’s mouth to quiet her down, while Clara licks at Lexi’s labia from below. And this is only Part 1! Be here next week for more medical mayhem…

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