Clara G & Gina: Discipline From the Dean [Part 1]

Dean of students Clara G. catches one of her pupils, Gina, smoking in the hallway! You’d think by the time a girl got to the higher levels of academia–this is a junior college, after all!!–she would know that smoking was bad for her, but not rebellious Gina. Well, Clara knows it’s her duty to teach Gina a lesson.

“We must lift up your skirt, young lady!”

The panties are lowered, the bottom of the naughty coed is smacked…many times. But it doesn’t seem to make much of an impression on the defiant Gina, so Clara orders her to take off all her clothes except her knee socks and shoes. Meanwhile, the dean, who’s having a hard time hiding her kinks, is taking sniffs of Gina’s discarded panties! Clara then bends Gina over her lap and gives her quite a few more slaps on the seat.

“Look how her tushy quivers under my hand!” Clara thinks.

She likes this job, overseeing these wiseass college students…maybe the entire institution would be rife with rebellion if the founders of the place didn’t insist that the girls wear uniforms through their entire course of study! Clara always felt uniforms had a calming influence on restless young female spirits. Well, it seems like Gina is still not quite getting the message.

“Let’s paddle her with a T-square!” thinks Clara.

And the relentless SMACK SMACK SMACK of the hard surface finally seems to make a dent in Gina’s attitude. “On your knees on the table, bottom raised!” declares the dean, quickly making those cheeks red and streaked. Hmm, thinks Clara, that pussy looks pretty naughty too…but further punishment will have to wait. Right now, let Gina stew in her humiliation by standing in the middle of the room, naked except for her knee socks and shoes, with a book on her head! Let her think about her behavior and the punishment it has brought on…and the additional treatment it will merit in our next installment!

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