Chloé Toy: Use the Grass, Girlie

Innocent blue-eyed Chloé Toy finds herself in a classic fantasy predicament, and it doesn’t look like she’s going to get out of it anytime soon!

You know what we’re talking about–she’s our damsel-in-distress today, trussed up like a pony girl for the amusement of all masters. Come on, horsie honey, trot around a little for us…and look how you’re drooling over the sturdy bit in your mouth! This is sure to teach you a little humility! And if it doesn’t accomplish that purpose entirely, well, maybe after you wear those little clamps and weights on your nipples for awhile, you’ll be persuaded to be a better behaved young lady.

What’s that? You have to go pee? Well, you’re not allowed to use the w.c. when you’re dressed like that…what would the servants think? So squat down like the pretty little pony babe that we’ve made you into today, and pee your naughty heart out right onto the grass. That’s what real ponies use grass for, and that’s what you’re playing today!

Your Full HD BDSM video will show everybody every moment of your embarrassment as you do your pissing.

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