Chloé Lacourt: Unique Activities

In today’s roleplay scenario, Chloé Lacourt is under the power of a dog-mask wearing gentleman who calls himself “Mr. Doberman.”

Whereas in the vanilla world most fellows might have taken this fetching French blonde out for a nice dinner and a show, in the House of Taboo extreme sex universe Mr. Doberman’s concept of a memorable and unique evening of activities is to bind Mademoiselle Lacourt hand and foot to his dining room table, put her head in an immovable frame, and cram a thick red vibrator into her pussy, her crotch being readily accessible since she is naked and immobilized in the doggie position.

Mr. Doberman spanks her butt with a black leather paddle that ironically is decorated with red hearts, then smacks her naked wrinkled soles, before finally turning on the vibrator with a remote control device in his hand.

For a final kinky treat captured in this Full HD BDSM scene, he sits in front of her and crams his fingers into her mouth until she drools uncontrollably, before slapping her face with the heart-decorated paddle. This fetish XXX video gives a whole new meaning to the term “doggie style.”

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