Cherry Kiss: Captive of the Pervy People!

New face Charry Kiss finds herself in a bit of a predicament…she’s naked, except for her corset, and chained to a cross! Perhaps YOU can make her feel a little better, even if she does have to stay mostly in bondage…come on, help her take that frown off her face (entirely understandable given her situation) and release one of her wrists from the cuffs…and let her at least relieve the monotony of being held captive by allowing her some solo sexual pleasure!

Give her a black vibrator to match her black corset…instantly she takes to the toy, squatting on the floor and cramming the vibe into her hole. YOU walk around her, observing…isn’t this girl grateful at all? YOU released one of her wrists, but now she’s complaining because you haven’t released the other…for some reason she finds it necessary to have two hands free even though she needs only one to use with that vibrator. She struggles against her bonds, her tits jiggling in her frustration. All right, you give her some slack on the chains…let her lay down on the floor with that toy…let her get some tension out of that twat! But it’s not just her vag that she focuses on. Hardly.

It’s her asshole that needs to be plowed…because the only way she’s going to forget that she’s a Captive of the Pervy People is by having an all-powerful, all-draining ANAL orgasm! Which she does, as YOU stare at her…as YOU study her…and as YOU cheer on this feisty captive as she cums in front of the #1 Pervy Person–YOU!

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