Chelsey Lanette: The Golden Sacrifice

Chelsey Lanette looks like a golden maiden out of German mythology (or something like that) as she stands outdoors in her birthday suit with her long blonde hair tumbling down to her torso in wild tresses.

Chained to a tree and totally nude except for those curls falling across her chest, she squirms as if she’s the naked sacrifice for some bizarre unseen monster, like a dragon about to leap out of the trees.

Calling Siegfried, the mighty German hero, to the rescue! But meanwhile, as she awaits, all alone, either her fate or her reprieve–which we strictly leave to your imagination–Chelsey still has to take a pee, since the human bladder will not stand on ceremony even for dragons.

And so the DDF cameras move in close to see the girl, unable to escape her bonds and reach a toilet, as she pees all over the ground, the yellow libation jetting out of her shaved pussy in a naughty bout of pissing between those sexy Dutch thighs.

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