Cathy Heaven: Kneel for Mental Health [Part 1]

Cathy Heaven comes to psychologist Kid Jamaica, but it seems he has other things on his mind as he looks at BDSM porn on his mobile device while Cathy lays on his analytic couch. Soon it seems that he’s living out some of his interests on Cathy, who has fallen away into a trance as this Full HD extreme sex video gets underway…

In a few minutes Dr. Jamaica stands over Cathy, probing her shaved pussy and deep cleavage with his riding crop under her minidress, then attaching clamps to her nipples and cuffs to her wrists. He stimulates her crotch with a Magic Wand through her dress, then gets her naked and on her knees with her wrists now bound behind her.

He spreads her mouth with his fingers to accommodate his cock for some deepthroat, then gets her on her hands and knees with the bottom of his shoe holding her face to the carpet. He rubs his riding crop against her pussy groove and then uses it to give her cheeks some spanking. What will come next in his bizarre program of therapy?? Be here in a few days to see when we bring you Part 2!!

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DDF Updates: Kneel for Mental Health, Part 1

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