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GGG Devot: Cum & Piss 44

If you’re into extreme watersports then you will enjoy this update from GGG John Thompson.

33308_frontThe GGG Devot series features hardcore pissing and gangbang action and this latest update does not disappoint!

Slutty Anna is at JOHN THOMPSON for the first time and feels well cared for in her submissive role between all the piss and sperm.

The boys did not want to stop at all and could not get enough of her gorgeous tits.

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Wet And Pissy: Bella Karina in Grande Fun

This New Year update comes from our friends at Wet and Pissy – check out more updates at

027Pretty blonde Carina couldn’t wait to pull down her shorts to pee onto a glass table and once finished, she pulls them back up and sits in her pissy puddle.

Diving into her golden piss juice, this beautiful blonde licks her own pee. Stripping naked, she pisses again, this time onto her blouse and she squeezes her warm piss over her sexy, naked body.

Using a pussy pump, Carina makes her pussy puffy and pees into the tube, pouring the contents over her hair and tits. She uses a dildo on her pussy and relieves herself once more, squirting pee all over the floor.

The number of times this kinky blonde pees on camera is amazing, and includes one more attempt, this time peeing on her pretty


Lucy Latex & Black Angelica: Bizarre Bath Encounter!

In the world of the delightfully perverse, some girls like to take a bath while they’re wearing latex bodysuits and masks.

That’s what happens in our featured showcase of Latex Lucy in the yellow and Black Angelica in the brown latex suits. They look almost like creatures from an alien civilization as they explore each other’s feet while the tub fills with water.

Lucy licks Angelica’s toes through the latex, and then Angelica returns the favor. Angelica sits on the edge of the tub so that Lucy can play with her pussy through the open crotch of the suit, rubbing with her fingers and latex-sheathed feet.

We get many unique shots as Lucy floats in the water and rubs between Angelica’s thighs. Lucy really gets into licking Angelica’s wrinkled soles through the transparent brown latex. She takes a lot of Angelica’s foot in her mouth.

The gals reverse positions and Angelica gets on her knees in the water to worship Lucy’s peds. Then they sit facing each other in the tub and take turns adoring feet. Lucy can even suck her own feet through the latex. A very flexible fox!

As the tub continues to fill with water, Lucy nestles between Angelica’s thighs and worships her legs. Don’t miss this incredible vision of women pleasuring themselves while they look like latex dolls or mannequins!

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Lucy Latex & Black Angelica: The Lusts of Latex Ladies!

Take a trip into the world of bizarre breast loving when Latex Lucy (in the lavender body suit) and Black Angelica play a game of pool and get in some licks on their tits and pussies.

Looking more like robots than living women, they pose with pool sticks and knock around some balls for awhile, before kissing through the mouth holes of their full-head masks.

It leads to tit sucking and then pussy play on the edge of the table. The ladies’ crotches are conveniently open for manipulation and penetration by fingers and sticks.

The ladies climb onto the green felt (after it gets covered with plastic, that is) where they lick each other’s protruding nipples, and then Angelica fingers Lucy’s twat before putting a truly gigantic condom on the pool stick. Latex Lucy sucks the stick through the rubber and then takes the cue into her twat, receiving it in all positions but most fetchingly in the doggie style mode.

Here is a vision of sexual strangeness that you will never forget, caught by the ever-inventive Denys DeFrancesco and his camera crews in high resolution pix and High Definition video!

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Busty model treats Halloween Rat!

This halloween update comes from our friends at 1byday.

Get ready for Halloween with newcomer Tigerr Benson as this very busty Asian beauty finds herself chained up in the spooky dungeon of the Pumpkin Fiend and his sidekick Nasty Rat.

With spiders and bats adorning her holiday wear, Tigerr writhes against her bonds, giving us nice views of her pierced pussy.

Somehow or other she manages to escape confinement, teasing both us and the Pumpkin Fiend with her huge dark-nippled boobs. Nasty Rat gets the best of the deal, though, as she lets him clamp his sharp teeth on her teats. (Rest assured, this rodent is made of rubber!!) She swaps spit with the creature, then focuses on masturbating herself with a bone from a conveniently placed skeleton on the mud floor.

You’ll be ready to say “trick or treat” when you see Miss Tigerr, and we bet you’ll be a good boy so she gives you a treat!!

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