Carol & Paige: Spank That Sweet Ass! [Part 1]

When two of DDF’s finest boob babes get together for an evening of fetish fun, you can expect some primo, dick stiffening action!

Ravishing redhead Paige delivers the goodies in this tie me up and spank my sweet ass thriller! Carol is the very willing recipient, and her derriere, as you will see, is perfectly built for the punishing spankings it receives from Paige and her skilled hands!

Paige escorts Carol into her fetish chamber, a dark place with mysterious accents. Her voice so sweet, lovingly luring Carol onto the ropes that will bind her, and telling her that she will enjoy this new venture into fetish very much. Both girls wearing shiny black, skin tight, rubber fetish attire and blowing our minds from beginning to end.

Once Paige has her submissive beauty in position, she peels a sector off of her bum and it reveals the PERFECT sweet ass for spanking. What follows is a back and forth session of booty pops and kisses as Paige makes nice work of that juicy rear end. Her crimson hair making the perfect contrast against the other colors that fill the room. It signifies that she is the dominator, and in full control.

Carol‘s ass cheeks ripple with pleasure as they are continuously tested by Paige‘s skillful strikes. Alas, this is only the beginning of the fun. Join us next week for part 2!

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