Carol and Jenna Lovely: Let’s play doctor

Carol and Jenna Lovely: LETS PLAY DOCTOR These two gorgeous babes are exploring the basement of a house and come upon an old medical chamber. It seems to be equipped with a lot of interesting objects. The girls decide to play some doctor games and continue their explorations inside each otherís svelte young bodies.

Carol and Jenna Lovely: LETS PLAY DOCTOROne plays nurse and one plays the patient, but they both take turns using speculums, thermometer, suction cups and an enema rig on each other. Jenna opens up Carolís pussy with a large speculum and takes a look inside. Carol returns the action but would rather peer into Jennaís cute puckering bottom hole. In between prying speculums and squirting enema nozzles they treat each otherís pussies to a luxurious and satisfying tongue bathing.

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