Beauty punished with a pounding!

Choky Ice and Debbie White: A night in the sexual stocks!

Oh man, Debbie has been a bad girl, and she’s about to get pounded and punished, every which way but good!

In the olden days, a convicted thief was often sentenced to a torturous ordeal. For her misdeeds, Debbie is given a night in the stocks as punishment. The executioner is delighted to have this stunning beauty in his custody.

Unfortunately for Debbie, he has more in mind for her than the judge’s sentence. He indulges himself in some playful and painful antics with her shapely smooth sizzling hot body. After being stripped and tied in the stocks the poor girl is made to endure a flogging as the executioner delights over her full round succulent ass cheeks. His next procedure has her pert shapely breasts mauled, pinched and clamped.

The thrill of her squirms and cries induce him to plunge into her helplessly stretched and gaping cunt for the second time. He satisfies his lust for the attractive prisoner by taking full advantage of her succulent mouth and delectable pussy.

When he is finished, she has been well fucked and abused. Debbie is left tied to a table spread open and tasting his cum dabbled across her face, for the rest of the night.

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