Avril Sun & Goldie Divine: Hot Maid Gets Machined Out!

Today on House of Taboo Goldie Divine drugs her sexy maid Avril Sun so that she can deviantly pleasure and punish the unconscious girl with her sexually sinister mind!

Dressed in dominatrix style attire Goldie uses the vacuum cleaner to flood the blood to all of Avril‘s sensitive areas and gags her mouth shut to prep her for what’s coming!

The nozzle of the vacuum is used on Avril‘s nipples and labia, and she has her hand’s duck taped. Suddenly she wakes out of her consciousness. Well, not exactly suddenly, she does have a dildo in her ass and her pussy lips are being sucked on by the plastic attachment.

A basic look of fright appears on Avril‘s face, but that ass is straight up in the air, so you gotta imagine she’s enjoying the surprise! Goldie‘s intricate full body tattoo really adds to her role here as a dominator, and when she’s done with her maid, she walks away leaving her gagged, bound, and fully reamed out!

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